Week 10

DAY 64
Monday 3/4/06

11.30am report: just waiting on bus for Coromandel. It doesn't leave until 1:20pm but I could only get a lift at 9:45am, so just puting off time at the moment. Spoke to Nuala and we have decided on our arrangements for America. More later... Weather nice and sunny and warm now. The sun is out again and I met Sonia for breakfast. We are both leaving today but I'm going north and she's going west. We both got dropped at the bus station at 9:45 and said a hurried godbye, but because of the rush I never got a chance to get her email address.

Just waiting 'till 1:20pm for my bus. What a laugh, there is an automatic sliding door at the bus station and a dude just walked into one of the doors. It didn't open quick enough, BANG!, full force into the glass, stuff everywhere.

Reached Coromandel town, really nice, quite quiet, but there is a guy from Brazil (Ricardo), he was learning to speak English in Australia for 4 months and has been in NZ for 1 month. Only has a couple of days left to go, so we had a chat to an old couple, woman, a kiwi man from Alloa originally, has stayed in NZ for 46 years, then went to bed.
DAY 65
Tuesday 4/4/06

Said bye to Ricardo and I think I'm the only one left at the YHA, but there is a group of about 20 farmers coming to do a days' fishing tomorrow but arrive late tonight, so I have been upgraded to a double room to myself, so that Wendy the owner, can accommodate the farmers.

I walked up to the Driving Creek Railway, it took about 45 minutes to walk from the hostel. This place is fantastic. From the 1970's he started building the railway, originally to get clay for his pottery 'cos he has won awards for his work, then he built bridges and tunnels through the hillside and eventually built proper trains himself and a few staff. There is a platform at the top of the hill where he built a viewing platform called the "Eyefull Tower", this was fantastic, the pictures I have don't do it justice, then I tried to see the gold stamper works, but it pissed down and the tour doesn't start 'till 2:30pm and it's only 11am so I'm not going back 'cos I am soaked right through. There are another 4 girls and 1 strange guy, 2 girls from Macclesfield, Fiona and I can't remember her friends name, both nice people, Sally a Swiss girl and a German girl who is cycling round NZ. The guy didn't speak at all, so no one knows where he is from, so the English girls and the Swiss girl and myself ate dinner together and had a few bottles of wine together as well. Then the farmers came and I ended up talking to Fiona till 1:30am, swapped email addresses, really nice girls. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer here, 'cos I was just getting to know them.
DAY 66
Wednesday 5/4/06

Got up at 9am and went out. First people I saw, with a hearty good morning, were the two girls, so I sat with them for an hour then I had to leave for the bus to Auckland.

The bus was actually a minibus with about six people on it. This bus journey is a joke. Spent about 1½ hours in Whitianga, don't know why, but I've seen this town too now. Very nice, but a needless stop, nobody on, nobody off. Yet another unnecessary stop in Thames for 1 hour. It's only about 1 hour drive away from Auckland, so far its taken me 4 hours with 2 more to go. This part of the trip has got to be a joke.

Reached Auckland eventually, got to the YHA hostel and met Nuala. We got the same dorm, we are the only ones in it, so that's quite good except for her 'lion roar' snoaring. Went to a food hall that was all oriental food, really nice to have normal food again, then went to the pictures and saw "Siones Wedding", a Kiwi made film, quite funny, then bed.
DAY 67
Thursday 6/4/06

We went down to the town centre for a walk to fix all the flights out and a place to stay in Fiji, so the changes are we have our 5 days in Fiji, then fly to LA and then straight on to NY and fly out of NY on the 18th and arrive home on the nineteenth.
I'll actually be quite glad to get home as travelling is a lot more tiring than I thought, and I'm knackered now. Had a burger for lunch in a restaurant and a McDonalds for dinner. It's strange to taste fast food after not having it for a long time.

Did a washing for going to Fiji and went a walk down town 'cos Nualas sleeping, to see if I can get a rugby top, the ones I saw were a bit old looking so didn't buy it, but will check elsewhere tomorrow 'cos I've not really got myself a lot of stuff on holiday. When we got back from dinner and a walk in town there are 2 Irish boys in the room now but they are leaving tomorrow so hopefully they won't put anyone else in the room, will find out later today.
DAY 68
Friday 7/4/06

This is the last day in NZ, so a bit of shopping will be required and we need to organise the trip to the airport. It will possibly be $25 to get there as it's about an hour away from the hostel. Went shopping and got myself 2 rugby tops, an all blacks one and a chiefs one, also a billabong T-shirt 'cos I need a white one to arrive home in to show off my tan ha ha, and a pair of trainers that look like shoes 'cos my only pair of trainers that are left really stink

Don't know if there is an internet service in Fiji but you can text me anytime 'cos I'll be on the beach. ha. ha. (Don't phone 'cos I have to pay per minute when you phone me, big time)
DAY 69
Saturday 8/4/06

Off to Fiji, will be staying at the hideaway resort. We have our own ocean view bure, that's like a wee building, all water sports are included.
DAY 70
Sunday 9/4/06

On the beach...
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