Week 11

DAY 71
Monday 10/4/06

Enjoying the sun kissed beach, hills, pool and whatever else you can sun kiss then went for dinner.
DAY 72
Tuesday 11/4/06

Resort has a computer so I can chat. Fiji is beautiful, the hideaway where we are is roughly half way between Nadi and Suva, the staff are very friendly and really attentive, food good and there is entertainment every night done by locals. They do activities if you want, but it's too hot to do any exercise, that's the excuse I'm using today. Round the pool ha ha I did a wee bit too much sun lovin' today but I'm ok.
DAY 73
Wednesday 12/4/06

It's still really hot here. There was a sort of storm last night and the sea was coming right up to the first of our three steps of the villa. It's overcast today but nice and hot. Not much more to add, we have not left the resort yet but we are going to the village today. One of the staff gave us the address of a souvenir shop where the money goes directly to the Fijian people and they are cheaper than the hotel. (he probably has shares in it)
DAY 74
Thursday 13/4/06

Left Nadi International at 11.30pm Thursday on a 10 hour Air New Zealand Boeing 767-300 flight and arrived at Los Angelos at 3:10pm Thursday (clever been there, seen it stuff) and now have to wait for 5 hours 'till the next flight to NY.
DAY 75
Friday 14/4/06

Had a bumpy flight from LA to NY but managed to grab some sleep on and off during this 5 hour flight. The shuttle bus from the Airport to the City seemed to go around the city picking up people everywhere, it took ages. 5:30pm - now in the YH in NY. Had to wait for several hours before we could get into the room. Then I discovered that I had been put in an all female room by mistake and had to get moved to another dorm. It is absolutely slashing it down here now.
DAY 76
Saturday 15/4/06

Just about to see Chicago, the show not the city, and have also seen uptown downtown Brooklyn, quite a busy day.
DAY 77
Sunday 16/4/06

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