Week 3

DAY 15
Monday 13/2/06

Still in Sydney. At 01:30 in the morning it was 23 o with today it was a sunny 28 o
Went over to Manly beach on the ferry and I am sitting in the shade.
Manly Beach

I met up with Fraser tonight and went to a Malasyian place. Both Nuala and he choked on the chili in a chicken dish, but I ate the lot.
DAY 16
Tuesday 14/2/06

Today we went on the trip to the Blue Mountains we left at about 8am. When we got there the skies were full of mist and there was a few drops of rain, but it soon dried up and cleared up. We went on a cable car over the mountains, then on a train that went down the side of the hillside nearly vertical and walked around the bottom a bit and then got a cable car back to the top of the first hill top.
Mountain Railway

On the trip we headed off over the ANZAC bridge to Featherdale Wildelife Park where you could pet the animals like koalas, kangaroos, wallabys, etc. and saw an American boy getting a fight from of a kangaroo. It was quite funny and he also slipped going down the wooden stairs at the bottom of the gorge.
The guide teased out a Funnelweb spider, but it is so fast. The first time I saw it but it was too quick for the camera the second time and I just got it in, but not all of it. We saw the 3 sisters here, a bit like the 12 apostles. I think the place is called Loura.
DAY 17
Wednesday 15/2/06

Went through the Olympic village and saw all the stadiums. Ended up on a jet boat catamaran thing back to Darling Harbour then walked from the Opera House back to the hostel.
We got back about 8:30pm, had dinner and got our bags out of storage and travelled on the Greyhound to Byron Bay.
On the move
Sydney to Byron Bay
13 hours

DAY 18
Thursday 16/2/06 20:00

We have now moved to Byron Bay after a 13 hour Greyhound trip.
Arrived here at 10:30am so I'm slightly tired.
Went to the beach and it got dull so went back to hostel and it's a complete down pour, still raining now but dead humid. It is very hot here. 27o at the moment

I have dropped a trouser size so far just from eating healthy and walking.

Cape Byron Hostel

The Cape Byron YHA hostel is not quite as good as the last two, but it has a pool and it is only 5 minutes walk from the beach.
The hostel is called Cape Byron YHA. It has only two computers so its taken a bit of time to get on to do my update.

Friday 17/2/06

Had a relaxing day today. Soaked my journal notebook in the water and had to buy a new one and have started re-writng my journey. Only up to day 2 so it's going to take me a while.
Byron Bay to Hervey Bay
10¼ hours

DAY 20
Saturday 18/2/06

Now in Hervey Bay (pronounced Harvey) after a 'time travelling' 10¼ hour journey. Left at 7.45 this morning, 'New South Wales' time, passing Brisbane Coach Terminal at 10:00 and arrived at 17:00 this afternoon, 'Queensland' time. Gained an hour.

Hervey Bay YHWe are staying at the Hervey Bay Youth Hostel. We are each in an all female dorm, yea brilliant. Nuala's cabin is in an all female dorm and I am in a mixed dorm cabin where all the others in the dorm are female. How's that for luck.

We are sitting at the poolside with two girls, Judy from Canada from my dorm and Kareen from Sweden from Nuala's having a bleather after our bbq

Just planning our next moves but won't reveil them in-case we change our plans.

Ok, we plan to go to Fraser Island (nothing to do with my friend of the same name) for a day tour on my birthday, then heading north to Airlie Beach (13½ hours away) where you can do a 3-day yacht tour round the Whitsunday islands, this is the part of the journey which I'm looking forward to most.

DAY 21
Sunday 19/2/06

from Ferg...
"Hi all, this will be the second time of trying this email update, the feckin computer just stopped working the last time."
Everything has been updated today, all corrections made and lots of bits added so go back and have a look.

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