Week 5

DAY 29
Monday 27/2/06

At Cairns in tropical Australia. 31oC (88oF) at 10:30

I am going to Rockhampton. I leave tomorrow and it takes 17 hours to get there and I've also booked the bus from there to Brisbane so it's all good.

Went to the lagoon and met up with Sarah & Ilona. Chatted to them for a couple of hours and decided to meet them again tonight for a few glasses of water. Went back to hostel about 6pm ish, had a shower and got myself ready to go out.

Met one of the guys in the dorm that I had spoken to a few times, Richard from London, so I asked if he wanted to come along 'cos he was by himself at this point as his mate had flown home. We all met up about 9 pm at our usual P.J.O'BRIENS and had a few and then went to the Rhino Bar. Between 11 & 12 it's 5 bucks to get in but it's free drinks when your in. Of course there's a huge queue at the bar and only ended up with two drinks each but still saved money 'cos the drinks cost $6. Got fed up went back to P.J.s 'til close then went across the road to the Woolshed (dancing) where we had an excellent time, just so much fun, oh yeh!
DAY 30
Tuesday 28/2/06

I got the fright of my life. Sarah and Ilona had searched out the YHA to see me off and to get the proper contact details I thought this was fantastic, I think it's a "friends for life" package, we all just hit it off straight away. I had an excellent 4 days in Cairns because of them.
Chatted away about the night before. 'Cos me and Ilona had run across the road without the green man and had gone the wrong road, Sarah was pointing the way to head so again we started galloping down the road, Lost them again so we turned a corner thinking they had gone this way so I gave Ilona a cokey back to the next corner. Still no sign, so Ilona needed to go to the shops "There is a shop called "the night owl" which is open 24 hrs. At the "O" there is a massive owl with flashing blue eyes and Ilona said "lets go in here to the NIGHT WL". Well I nearly pissed myself, then she realised what the sign said. There could have been wee everywhere but we both managed to keep it in. I recognised a bit on the road, we had gone round the block and were headed in the totally wrong way, so we started a small canter to reach the pub when I stopped suddenly and she went zooming passed. For a minute I wondered what had happened then a bit of pain told me I had run into a strategicaly placed bollard. We then headed to the dancin'. Me and Sarah were at the bar waiting to get served when a guy...yes a guy felt my arse and introduced himself. I thought this a bit strange 'cos up 'til now I had just been shaking hands with people, so terrified of what to do, I looked at Sarah and she stepped in like a saint with a bit of verbal and fought off the guy. This was some fantastic work. What a life saver. I think I owe her more than one favour now. I stayed out with the others 'til about 5:30am 'cos I don't have to get my bus till 2:20 pm. After being seen off by the girls I made my way to the bus terminal, $5 in a cab. After an hour past the time of its arrival I was told that the coach had broken down on the way up to Cairns, shortly after that it turned up ready for a long trip to Rockhampton.
Cairns to Rockhampton
16½ hours
Cairns to Rockhampton

DAY 31
Wednesday 1/3/06

Arrived at Rockhampton 1½ hours late The bus had apparently broken down and they sent another one, so it was late in leaving. Slept most of the way and got to hostel about 7:30am went to have a shower then slept till noon.
Went to the library this afternoon to look up my ancestors but they must have moved on 'cos I couldn't find anything about them. The librarian was very helpful, looking up the computer for about an hour while I searched through books. It looks as though I don't have a gold mine or sheep left to me.
DAY 32
Thursday 2/3/06

Had a relaxing day here and did some planning for NZ. Can't wait to go to NZ 'cos I've planned my whole trip, just need to go to the first YHA in NZ and buy the ticket. It's about £400 but that is all transport and hostels for the whole month. If I buy it in NZ it is a better exchange rate than buying it here in Brisbane.
DAY 33
Friday 3/3/06

I have just been to a croc farm and got some good photos. I saw 2 eggs hatch before me in the guys hand, one at a time, and then held a bigger one and got one of the others to get a picture.
Just waiting 'till 6pm 'till aussie takes me to the bus stop for the 7pm bus to Brisbane, around 12 hours. There was a lorry dropping off all the new bunk beds for the hostel renovations and I was helping to hurry things up. I nearly emptied it myself as I was waiting on the lift to the bus stop.

Rockhampton to Brisbane
11 hours
Rockhampton to Brisbane

DAY 34
Saturday 4/3/06

Brisbane Youth Hostel Arrived at 6am in Brisbane, found the Brisbane YH but couldn't get into my room till 11:30am. I just went to the TV room and went to sleep. Checked in and had a shower, sorted myself out then went for a walk down town and bought some food and came back and made lunch.
Then went back to bed, the bus journey took it's toll this time as I was sitting beside a smelly old man, a stench that would have turned your stomach. Met Nuala at 5pm and went for dinner in the main street in town. This will be the last meal out. Watched a couple of movies on TV and then hit the sack. Visit Brisbane
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DAY 35
Sunday 5/3/06

Went at about 10am to town and got on the city sightseer bus which was quite good then at 2:30pm we went to the cinema 'cos there's not much to do here wish I'd stayed in Cairns for a couple of extra days. Saw "Firewall" with Harrison Ford, then went to the shops to buy food for the next two days which cost less than 1 meal we have been getting out and it tasted better than some of the meals we've had out.

Didn't do much else today as I'm quite tired. I think it's because this country is finished and we are moving on - a wee bit sad.
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