Week 7

DAY 43
Monday 13/3/06

Heading for Te Anau today at 1:55pm (its 10:30 just now)

Dunedin to Te Anau, a 4½ hour journey via Gore

1.55pm Dunedin - Mosgiel - Dunedin Airport - Waihola - Milton - Balclutha - Peggydale - Clinton - Waipahi - Gore (change here) - Riversdale - Balfour - Lumsden - Mossburn - Te Anau 6.30pm

Dunedin to Te Anau

Te Anau YHStaying at Te Anau YH

Guide book: A town full of native gardens and parks with stunning mountain views. Activities including glow-worm caves, departure point 100m. Tours to Milford and Doubtful Sounds. Bike hire 30m. Sea and lake kayaking, diving, fishing, 4WD bikes, great day walks, golf. Best cafe in town - 50m.

Te Anau My Square
Check the name of the Square, how cool is that.

I arrived in Te Anau and the bus took me right to the door of the hostel. I booked in and asked what there was to do or see from this destination. The girl serving wasn't really that much help as if nothing was worth seeing, so I booked the Te Anau glowworm caves for the tomorrow, headed to the shops to buy some grub for the next week or so, then made my dinner.
There was a big group of people motor biking round the South Island so I had a wee chat to them, all very funny. Then went to bed for another early start.
DAY 44
Tuesday 14/3/06

Glow worm cavesGot up at 7:15am to get ready for the trip to the glowworm caves as suggested by Sarah, started off on a boat journey of about 40mins to get to the caves. Then there was a short film in the main building, and in groups of 13 went into the caves and had to duck and dive a bit. Got to the first raft which took us into the first cavern then onto another raft and into the main chamber. This was fantastic, there were glows everywhere, for me the closest thing that it reminded me of, was coming out of my coma in Switzerland (pitch black with neon lights, bright then getting softer and brightening again) if you've never seen glowworms or come out of a coma then you'll just need to visit 'cos this was an eyetastic experience not to be missed.
DAY 45
Wednesday 15/3/06

I went to the cinema in Te Anau, must be the smallest one ever and watched ATA WHENUA SHADOWLAND, a cinematic experience of fiordland, it was made by a young helicopter pilot and some people from Lord of the Rings. He even built the cinema to show his film. It shows every hour and they show one big feature film at 5pm every day. He must be doing quite well 'cos he's building another screen so there was a bit of banging at parts of the film, stayed and watched the feature film too, it was MUNICH which was really good.

Te Anau to Queenstown Oh yeh, I was making dinner and I've cut off a chunk of finger (knife went right through my nail it stopped bleeding 3 hours later), but I'm ok, It's just really nasty looking and very sore (WELL ANDY DID YOU HAVE ANY MONEY ON THAT ONE I'M SURE YOU DID)

Nothing much planned for tonight. Did my washing for my next destination QUEENSTOWN tomorrow, just for the day.

Kind of a wasted day today as I had to hang around from checkout at 10am 'till 5:40pm for the bus coming but it was a peaceful day too.

Te Anau to Queenstown
Te Anau 5:40 pm - Frankton - Queenstown - Queenstown YHA 8:25 pm

DAY 46
Thursday 16/3/06

Queenstown Youth HostelIn Queenstown now but I don't really like it here. Staying at the Lakefront YHA.

It's not the best place I've stayed, pretty poor.

It is too backpacker, bungi, swingshot, riverboat trips, all for the adrenaline junky, unfortunately I'm just not into doing these things as they don't thrill me enough. Leave for Wanaka tomorrow at 8:10am so I don't need to stay here long.

DAY 47
Friday 17/3/06

Wanaka YHA Queenstown to Wanaka
Queenstown to Wanaka
Queenstown 8:10 am - Frankton - Cromwell - Luggate - Wanaka 9:49 am

Now in Wanaka, staying at Wanaka YHA

Took a wander round the town got my shopping in and took a couple of photos. It all just looks like the west coast of Scotland. Not really impressed with NZ yet, wish I'd stayed the extra week in Australia now, at least it would have been warmer. Booked the Lord of the Rings tour for tomorrow. It better be good 'cos it cost $280..
Made dinner, watched the olympics, then bed.
DAY 48
Saturday 18/3/06

Lord of the RingsDid the Lord of the Rings tour today. It was fantastic as a lot of the sights we saw were in the movie and I can show you when I get home. Even got some photos of the actual pose of actors by using people on the tour. There were just 6 of us so a very personal trip and Liz the girl in charge was great, also knew answers to every question thrown at her. The tour was on mostly private land so if you didn't do this tour you wouldn't see it, so if you ever get to Wanaka do it. She showed us the part of the film on dvd before we saw the views so that you could get the right perspective of where everyone was standing. Left at 9am and got back at 7:30pm. We even stopped at a wee pub that looks like the pub in the film where Meri and Pippin were singing, NOT THE ACTUAL ONE but one very similar. Got to handle all the swords. There are only 5000 replicas of them in the world so quite rare. Wore Gimlis helmet and brandished his axe also wore the ACTUAL cape worn by Sean Aston (Sam) in the film when they hid under it when they were at the gates of Mount Doom. WATCH THE FILM YOU'LL KNOW WHEN I MEAN. So much more than I expected (Mr Royce Flembo and Miss Flaura Frogan I'll give you a copy of the pictures you would have loved it).
DAY 49
Sunday 19/3/06

I got up at about 10am got ready then walked into town and did some shopping for food, came back, dropped it off then headed to Puzzle World. It was not bad, mostly just optical illusions, then walked home, made dinner and met a girl that is from Strathaven but lives in Hamilton. She's been travelling for about a year now and arrives home roughly at the same time as me.
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