Week 8

DAY 50
Monday 20/3/06

Wanaka to Franz JosephToday I travel from Wanaka to Franz Joseph
Wanaka 9:50 am - Lakefront Wanaka - Lake Hawea Dam - Makarora Country Cafe - Makarora - Haast Township - Moeraki Lodge - Paringa - Jacobs River - Copeland Track - Fox Glacier - Franz Josef 4:10 pm

Franz Joseph Glacier YHAStaying at the Franz Josef Glacier YHA

The Wanaka to Franz Joseph was not a bad wee trip, very scenic lots of one lane bridges along the route. Saw a wee bit of Fox Glacier which I was going to go to as well. Ends up I'm doing a half day trip on Franz Joseph Glacier instead. $72 and they give you all the stuff, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Made dinner then watched a video. The irritating wee oriental man is in the same dorm again. I think I might scream. (Oh yes, I never mentioned him. He has a bag with lots of zips and has lots of poly bags tied to it. He spends his time rustling through all his poly bags, unzipping and zipping at all times of day and night. Really annoying) Franz Josef GlacierOff to bed as I have to get up at 7am ish tomorrow.

I've now planned my whole trip and I just need to book buses and hostels, then the trips when I get to each destination.
DAY 51
Tuesday 21/3/06

Got up 7am, had shower and got ready for trip....yes I have been awake since about 5am with the rustling and zipping I might ask later to get moved 'cos I will end up throwing his stuff in the corridor tomorrow.

Got to the place at 8am to leave at 8:30 on my trip to Franz Joseph Glacier. We were told that there was a rock fall yesterday and we might wait for about 1 hour before leaving, so 9:30am came and we went up to the car park in the bus and did a 40 minute walk to get to the terminal face, which is what I originally wanted to do but was talked out of it for a half day. Waited and waited and at noon we decided to go back to the town. Met a guy from Sheffield and two English girls and talked for an hour and a half about our different trips, got a refund and only had to pay for the face trip, so it kind of worked out well.

Booked my bus to Nelson. I will be staying 3 days and also booked the bus to Picton to catch the ferry and the trip to Wellington so should be there in about 4 or 5 days. They say the North is different to the South so I hope so 'cos it's still not doing anything for me yet.

Later on today I met Paul, one of the guys from the LOTR tour. I went out for a few drinks with him and the people I met today at the glacier. Found a place with a happy hour so it only cost $3 instead of $5, so had a few and then off to bed for a 9:15am bus
DAY 52
Wednesday 22/3/06

Guess what time I woke up at...Yes, 5:30am with the rustling wee fecker and he was going for the same bus as me so only needed an hour tops. Where did he sit on the bus...Yes, in front of bloody me - thank God he got off half way into the journey.

Franz Josef to Nelson
Franz Josef to Nelson 10½ Hours
Frans Joseph YHA - 09:11 - Franz Josef - Franz Josef Hotel - Glen Fern Villas - Motel Franz Josef - Okarito Turn Off - Whataroa - Harihari - Bushmans Centre - Ross - Hokitika - Awatuna - Kumara Junction - Paroa - Greymouth - Runanga - Barrytown - Punakaiki Rocks Hotel & Villa's - Punakaiki - Fox River - Tiromoana - Charleston - Westport - Inangahua Junction - Murchison - Owen River - Kawatiri - Korere - Kohatu - Belgrove - Wakefield - Brightwater - Hope - Richmond - Stoke - Tahunanui Nelson 19:30

Nelson YHATen and a half hours later and I'm in Nelson. The bus broke down with it's hydraulics at one side, then the microphone stopped working, so it could have been a really bad trip. (oh it was). Stopped in Hokitika, it's the home of jade and greenstone.

I am staying at the Nelson YHA and in a dorm with 2 Germans and 1 Swiss, one I have not met yet but it's only a five bed dorm so hopefully there all quiet tonight 'cos I'm tired tonight.

DAY 53
Thursday 23/3/06

I'm having a relaxing day today organising a trip for tomorrow for a one day workshop in carving, only $55.
Nobody in my room now so I changed from the top bunk to the best one in the room no one above me. Booked the hostel in Wellington so I'm getting a 3 shared room and it could be mixed not all male. Got the food in to do me right up until the end of the week.
Walked to the Queens gardens at the end of Nelson and got a few snaps there. Quite peaceful and I walked around town for a while, but intend on doing absolutely nothing tonight to save some money.

DAY 54
Friday 24/3/06

Spent the day carving which was brilliant and I have made a bone carving which looks good even if I don't say so myself. Met a girl from Israel, 1 from Germany and 3 from USA, really good day for only $55 and I've got something absolutely unique from NZ.
DAY 55
Saturday 25/3/06

Off to the North today

Nelson to Picton
2 hours 5 minutes

Nelson 10:15 am - Atawhai - Hira - Rai Valley - Pelorous Bridge - Canvastown - Southbound - Havelock - Renwick - Woodburne - Blenheim - Spring Creek - Tumarina - Koromiko - Picton Ferry Terminal 12:20 pm
Nelson to Wellington

Picton (South Island) to Wellington (North Island)
3 hours
The Interislander leave 1:15pm - arrives 4:15pm


Wellington YHAArrived about an hour late at 5:30pm and I am staying at Wellington YHA.

At the ferry I met Nuala. She has decided to cut her holiday short and is not doing USA, so I will be doing there alone. She was met by her relations from the ferry and is staying with them just now.

Off the ferry I met a German girl who was going to the YHA as well, so we both got lost, not just me. I think she is doing the same route as me so we have spoken a lot to each other, that would be good for a traveling buddy with lots to talk about.

Had a good night out with my dorm mates Oliver from France and John from England, both good guys. Got a small bit of kissin' in an Irish bar from a Wellington girl (Louise). Got in at 4:30am, a good time was had today.

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DAY 56
Sunday 26/3/06

Went up in the cable car and walked back down the hill through the botanical gardens, then went to the Te Papa museum which was quite interesting. Did all this with the two guys. It is nice here and the weather is quite pleasant.

Booked my buses from Wellington to Rotorua for Monday then to Tuaranga and my hostel in roatarua. I am a lot happier with North so far, South Island was s***, not for me.
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